Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What a Scilly idea

Like all the best ideas in the world this one seemed quite at home in the pub. Picture the scene 3 chaps hugging warm pints discussing radio, where one looks up and asks why don’t we do something a bit fun..

Well this “fun” statement made its way through a few more rounds of beers and in the end we came up with the perfect thing for us to do.

And so here it is. We will go to each of the UK regional separators and operate each of the suffixes. Not sure what I mean?

This year we are going to keep things simple and operate from England. Isles of Scilly to be more precise, and while there we will operate
  • MX0WCB/A
  • MX0WCB/p
  • MX0WCB/mm
  • MX0WCB/m
Next year we will end up in Scotland where we will collect the S regional locator.

You get the idea, and we thought in the cold sober light of day it was a bit on the tragic side, but in actual fact every ham we spoke too gave us great amounts of encouragement and spurred us on to actually make this trip a reality.

As mentioned we are traveling to the Isles of Scilly where Simon, Dave and I will operate the various suffixes and try our hardest to collect as many QSOs as possible. While there we will be issuing the IOTA locator and for anyone chasing the WAB squares we will also be issuing them as well.

In terms of kit, well it’s a bit basic really. We are limiting the amount of kit for this first year to see where we can grow, change and alter the set up for next year. But essentially we will be taking some FT817s an FT897 as the indoor shack and a Clansman 320 which we are quite prepared to use in open water (to gain the /mm).

We are setting off for Scilly Isles on the 9th September and aim to up and running on the following evening. We are all heading for the St Martins Island where we have hired a cottage for the week, right next to the local vineyard.

We will update the site throughout the week, and give more information about locator square, WAB reference and IOTA details. So stay tuned!