Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday - CW & Digitail and other firsts !!

One issue that became clear after a couple of days was that our call sign was being misinterpreted. The ‘X’ in MX0WCB was being translated as ‘W’ or simply missed out altogether. We tried varying accents and alternatives to the NATO phonetic alphabet with mixed success, but the X-Ray stuck, having no real alternative, and continued to be problematic.

Successes still kept coming along with Monday seeing Simon’s 1st ever Morse QSO and Dave’s 1st on PSK. Fuelled by this (and Dan’s excellent carbonara) the evening session saw another assault on 40m. We had agreed to try it on a sked, but it had been so full on previous evenings to make it unusable. Luckily this time we found a familiar call-sign, Russ, M0WYB and managed to get through to him. Very generously he suggested we take over his frequency and we finally got our opening to the UK. John, M0OTM who had also heard us in the meantime popped a spot on the cluster for us and we were away until the conditions and band congestion meant we had to call it a night. In the meantime we had at least been able to assure people we hadn’t actually drowned on the way over.

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